I am glad you reached me. I am well aware how corny this might sound, but I am honest on that one.
Welcome to my MMXV2 re fryed extravaganza.

I'm a 40++ latinoamerican artist and filmmaker born in Costa Rica. I Ctrl+Play as Senior Programmer oriented to illustration and Visual Arts. I also like words. Almost as much as images, that's a lot.

I attended College in the 90s at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. After that I had two degrees including a Master in Arts.
Since 2000 I've been focused on how things react to Random(media, mainly); and could be resorted in unexpected manners. My goal is to observe how combinations occur between objects specially in ways I'm simply not able to forsee.
Ermahgerd, I love those images and sounds!, but what really gets me is how them emerge.
I'd the chance to learn (sometimes by myself) how to build tangible and virtual machines that could blend sounds, images, vectors, quantities, ids, data... onto new content.
This path has led myself to question what to ask to and how to comunicate with artifacts; creating content that is not meant neat, perfect or clean... well, just like life itself.

Sometimes I like to leave semicolons unattended, on purpose.

I developed a strong belief that every image can be drawn and every behavior can be computed.
It just takes to find out what is really what you are looking for. Being a good listener and speak fluently both engeneereese and designeranth become really handy.
I also made a commitment to myself that I will deliver the most elegant and clean numeric gibberish I could, following a long tradition of handwritten code (without the usage of automatized software: more blackboard and less screen).
I am big fan of retro tech and low level tools. I gained basics skills on how to burn an Integrated Circuit back in the day. I gained a few pounds since then as well.
I hope I will never forget why I learned those magical passes, I LOVE drawing;

If the Zombie App were today, You may reach me at CRC landline (+506) 2224-1442.
Let's taco 'bout it

Broadcasting with love from Costa Rica.
So glad you are here <3

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